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shanghai nude massage

Watch a Shanghai Takeo SPA scene and found the ladies almost nude, only wrapped in paper towels outside underwear, slugger Tony rub nude massage shanghai oil over the hands, elbows, skilled and gradually fall back or slow or female guests quickly rub Rubbing, light fingers, and Zhang Yuan and even slid off the side of milk and female inner thigh, according to their primary concern at the female passenger from time to time issued "Oh! ah! " low-chirping, the service was 1,500 yuan per hour (NT, the same below), each at least two hours.

 "cheaper than prostitutes shop"

 Tony said: "I was in the liberation of women in mind and body fatigue. " Most of his guests is to decompression of the pink-collar workers and curious students, as to the motive is strange that many female guests ulterior motives, "some women Handsome guy looking for chat with visitors only, but some people like to smell the odor of sweat Takeo, and direct that the female guests of her own 'is free' to further communication. "

 Nude massage shanghai women face different every day, at first glance the work is to make men envious, Tony but refer to "bad money earned. " His smile said that many female guests often take the opportunity to beat his little ass, chest, and even toward his crotch between the Zhuanie, he said seriously: "massage massage go, but I'm not male prostitutes, there are older female customers with the occurrence of caution when Affair (sexual relations), prone to dispute. "

 Reporters chatted with several ladies, Sofia light Mature pink-collar workers, said: "I like to see macho sweat the way for my massage, my boyfriend body is thin, muscular Adonis Massage can be about sexual fantasies meet. " Another Mature Miki said: "come here to serve not only Takeo massage, you can also chat with them, only 1,500 yuan an hour, than the 'male prostitutes stores' cheaper too much. "


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